It’s heartbreaking when your cat has an issue, and the vet is only able to offer so much help. My cat Hollie had been hurt in a fight, and the vet kept on giving her steroids and antibiotics, which while initially helping her, ultimately led to her developing a weak immune system and a range of skin conditions.

If CBD oil had been available then I would have tried it on her, and while you never know for sure, I believe it would have given me a few more years with her. While she passed over 3 years ago, I still think of her every day and I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be that way for other cat owners today.

How Long Can Cats Live For?

Hollie was a Burmese, and she lived until she was 16. But my first cat Jessie was also a Burmese and she lived until she was 20! So that’s my gauge as to how much longer Hollie could have lived for if she had access to the best possible treatment. Some Burmese make it to 26!  Here’s Hollie, also called Hollie Bollie Boo.

Does CBD help older cats

I tried my best to help Holly recover from her carcinoma.  At one point Hollie was diagnosed with carcinoma (cancer) on her nose, and while waiting for that diagnosis, she developed a second one nearby. It was a heartbreaking time for me, as I wasn’t expecting her to last more than a few months. Then I had a realization that I needed to change her diet.

As someone with a passion for all things wellness related, I tried a range of other things such as feeding Hollie real food, eliminating grains, and even trying some homeopathic treatments to help her skin repair.

Can A Change Of Diet Help A Cat With Carcinomas?

Within just two weeks of changing her food over to real food (mainly consisting of raw meat), and changing her water over from tap water, to re-mineralized filtered water, both of her carcinomas went away. At the time I tried to let her vet know about what had happened, and he just looked at me like I was mad!

So I’m passionate about how CBD products can help treat a range of issues in cats, and I hope with all my heart that you are able to help your cat reduce stress, or recover as quickly as possible without harsh side effects

I would love to hear about what products you tried and how they have worked for your cat. Just note, that I am not a vet, and even if I was I would not be able to see your pet. So please don’t ask me to diagnose an illness. If in doubt please always consult your vet.

Here’s the cats I grew up with Nelson & Joey


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