Health characteristics of Burmese Cats

Burmese cats have the most loving nature, and they are almost dog-like in how they like to be close to their owner. If you sit down, you are most likely to have a Burmese on your knee in no time. They can follow their owners around the house as they go about their day, even accompanying them on walks – just as long as they don’t venture too far from home.

Another trait which pet owners tend to love is how Burmese cats remain playful well into their later years. They can be taught how to play fetch, or generally just run around like crazy. They are particularly responsive when given catnip. If you have a Burmese try planting some catnip in your garden or keep a pot of it near the back door.

Most Burmese cats are descended by a cat called Wong Mau, which was a brown female cat imported into San Fransisco in 1930. The Burmese cat has been bred with Siamese cats over the years, so they can share a similar look and some of the same personality traits. The Tonkinese was made by breeding Burmese with Siamese cats, so the Tonkinese also share similar traits to the Burmese.

The Burmese like to talk, but their meow is softer and often not as loud as their Siamese cousins. Most Burmese cat owners would say their cat does not talk often, but when it does, it makes itself easily heard.

Some common health issues which Burmese can experience are kidney problems and heart issues.