3 Ways CBD Oil Can Help Cats With Anxiety

Many cat owners have concerns over their cats being anxious. You ask the neighbors to feed your cat while you are away, and they report back they never saw the cat, although the food was eaten each day.  That’s a sure sign a cat has anxiety.

It may well be separation anxiety as you – their owner is away, and they don’t know the stranger who is charged with feeding them.  Can CBD oil help cats with anxiety?

What Are The Main Signs Of Cats Having Anxiety?

Anxious cats are often out of sight, with their owners only seeing them around feeding time.   The level of anxiety can be measured by how comfortable the cats are to being touched.

If your kitty won’t let you pat it or pick it up, they are most probably anxious.

Other Signs Of Anxiety In Cats

Cats who do not care for themselves or who go off their food, are other signs of anxiety.  Much like humans, we take better care of ourselves when we are feeling happy within ourselves.  Cats may not want to socialize with humans or other animals, and they may not use the litterbox correctly.

Seeing your cat run away when strangers visit is also a sign of anxiety in cats.

Excessive meowing can also be a sign of anxiety. Cats tend to meow when they need something, so you would normally hear them making noises around feeding time.  When they are meowing at any time of the day, that can be a sign of anxiety.

Cats who constantly groom themselves may also be showing signs of being anxious.  If your cat seems to never stop grooming themselves that is a good sign they are not quite happy.

What Makes Cats Feel Anxious?

Cats have an inbuilt fear or anxiety which helps keep them safe.  Anxiety in cats can occur for many reasons.  Being separated from its mother and the other cats in the litter too early can be the first cause.

Also not being introduced to humans early enough, may allow them to build up a distrust of any human.

Once a cat has developed anxiety often no amount of coaxing will stop the anxiety

Sadly there are also the cats that have been neglected or harmed, which would have introduced a well-deserved fear or anxiety of any human.

can scared cats take cbd oil

Does CBD Help Cats With Anxiety?

As CBD works on the endocrine system, it helps to balance out many bodily functions such as the receptors in the brain.  Researchers are looking into how CBD helps with the way brains respond to serotonin, which is a chemical related to mental wellbeing. 

CBD oil is able to calm and is also nutritious, so it can have multiple benefits.  

Three Ways CBD Oil Can Help Cats With Anxiety

1- Positive Impact On Serotonin

While the research is still underway, if CBD oil helps with serotonin, then the part of the brain responsible for anxiety is given some relief.  Essentially this is helping the brain feel less anxious.

Humans who take CBD oil for anxiety say it helps them slow down, which makes them feel calmer.

2 – CBD Oil Contains Healing Properties

As CBD Oil is nutritious it is like a tonic for overall good health.  As your cat gets the right level of nutrition, it may be helping with underlying health issues.

It is well documented that CBD oil helps reduce inflammation, so as well as having healing properties, the CBD oil is also reducing inflammation in cats.

If cats overall health improves, so too should their level of anxiety.

3 – CBD Can Improve A Cats Appetite

If your cat has anxiety which has led to a loss of appetite, then CBD oil may help to restore their eating habits.  As a cat begins to eat normally again, along with an improvement in their overall health, just like with humans, their mental health should improve as well.

CBD Oil For Cats Anxiety Dosage

The correct dosage for anxiety is similar to the dosage for other issues.  It will depend on the weight of the cat, and the strength of the CBD.  Refer to our dosage guidelines, remembering always to start slowly and watch your cat for signs of improvement.

CBD Oil For Cats With Separation Anxiety

If you are planning on going away for a work trip or holiday and will be away for a number of days, in the week before you are going to be away, give your cat some CBD oil.  If your cat has not had CBD before, then you will need a couple of weeks to build up the dosage, to understand the correct dosage for your cat.  There’s more about this in our safety guide.

On the day of your departure, ensure you give your cat some CBD just before you leave.  CBD oil can have a near-immediate effect on anxiety levels, so this would help with their initial reaction to seeing you leave.

While you are away, ensure the person caring for your cat, knows about the correct dose, and continues to give the oil, tincture, or treat to your cat while you are away.  Ideally, by having the correct dose of CBD, your cat does not experience any anxiety while you are away.


From the hundreds of reviews we have examined, there does appear to be support for CBD helping cats with anxiety.  If you have tried everything else to help your cat, this may be worth trying next.

Chloe Parker

Chloe Parker

Chloe Parker is an avid cat lover and has been a follower of all things natural health-related for over two decades. Since CDB oil became available for cats, Chloe has been researching the different brands and products available and has developed a dosage calculator based on the current usage guidelines.

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