LolaHemp: Brand Review

LolaHemp feature in our reviews as they are the only company we have found which only focus on CBD Oil for pets.  While their products are suitable for cats and dogs all of their packagings feature Lola, the family dog which inspired their new business venture.

We made contact with LolaHemp to double-check that their products are suitable for cats, and they confirmed this.  The weight of a cat can be similar to the weight of a small dog.

Brand Review: LolaHemp

Brand Review Of LolaHemp
LolaHemp make a range of CBD products for pets

Name: LolaHemp

Description: LolaHemp makes a range of CBD products, produced purely for pets. All products are grown on organic hemp farms, and are independently lab tested. *** Grown to organic standards *** No added chemicals *** Independent lab tests *** Grown in Colorado, USA

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  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Hemp Grown To Organic Standards
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Money Back Guarantee

LolaHemp Products

LolaHemp has a commitment to purity, ensuring their products contain only a full spectrum of CBD oil.  They source all hemp from a family-run organic farm in Colorado and keep processing to a minimum, to ensure the CBD oil is as natural as it can be. Nothing  With a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, this is a typical guarantee, however, there is no need to return the bottle if you or your pet are not satisfied.


  • Dedicated to CBD pet products
  • Lab test results are available
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • Grown to organic standards


  • No specific product for cats
  • 30-day guarantee is less than some

Does LolaHemp CDB oil help cats

Meet Lola!

This is Lola, who was a rescue dog with pretty severe anxiety.  Thunderstorms, travel, and certain social situations were all triggers for her.  Poor Lola, a six-year-old chihuahua, would shake and go into hiding, and her family was really concerned about her.

They tried prescription medications as recommended by the family vet.  While they did help to calm the anxiety, they also came with side effects making her tired and depressed.

So the family started looking for a more natural alternative. Not impressed with the first CBD products Lola tried, they went into the CBD business dedicated to making pet only products in 2018.

LolaHemp produces a range of CBD Oils and topical creams.  They offer a monthly membership on their CBD Oils, with 10% of membership going to animal rescue efforts.

Why Should I Consider LolaHemp For My Cat?

All of the LolaHemp products are manufactured only for pets, and they only contain ingredients safe for their smaller bodies.  The hemp used in LolaHemp from a family-run certified organic frame in Colorado, resulting in a finished product that is free of pesticides and herbicides.  All LolaHemp CBD oils and tinctures are independently lab tested, and the results are available on the LolaHemp website.

Hand harvested, full spectrum organic and lab tested

What Do Pet Owners Say About LolaHemp Products?

It was heartening to read so many 5 star reviews on the LolaHemp website.  There are lots of comments there about helping older dogs with them being more active and having more energy.  Lots of comments as well where dogs similar to Lola are no longer anxious and nervous.  One dog got over his anger issues and is much calmer these days.

One Chiweenie called Peanut had been 90 days without having a seizure which was a record.  Peanut’s owners were so pleased that they could avoid having to give Peanut certain drugs.

A 12-year-old Chihuahua who had tried several other CBD products made some amazing improvements. His owner reported that “nothing came close to this tincture”.

In terms of finding the right dosage, lots of pet owners talk about building up slowly, some taking up to a month to get to the full dose.  Many had their pets taking two doses a day – in the morning and evening.

The LolaHemp Testing Process

Batch testing results are provided for every product.  These lab tests can be viewed on the LolaHemp website.

Hemp Biomass Testing is completed which includes testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial.  While all LolaHemp hemp products must contain less than .03% THC, the test results I viewed on the website all had ND (not detected) for THC.

Every batch of pet tinctures are independently lab tested.

The LolaHemp Dosing Guidelines

Getting the dosing correct is initially confusing for most first-timers.

LolaHemp has provided this handy dosing guideline for its CBD Oils.

How much CBD can I give my cat

The LolaHemp Money-Back Guarantee

All LolaHemp products come with a 30-day guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase it.  You can even keep the bottle.

LolaHemp Membership Program

When you join the LolaHemp membership program, 10% of the membership costs go towards animal rescue operations.  Joining the membership gives you access to ongoing discounts, however, you can cancel the membership at any time.

To view the full range of LolaHemp Pet products, click here.

Chloe Parker

Chloe Parker

Chloe Parker is an avid cat lover and has been a follower of all things natural health-related for over two decades. Since CDB oil became available for cats, Chloe has been researching the different brands and products available and has developed a dosage calculator based on the current usage guidelines.

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